March 16, 2013

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation and Powder Review + Photos

Being a lover of cosmetics I always seem to find myself on blogs researching the latest products. One release that caught my attention recently was the Revlon Nearly Naked line. Every beauty blogger has been raving about how natural the foundation looks, and how incredible the powder is. I usually don't like to believe the hype, but I was beginning to run low on my go-to Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua foundation (and unwilling to shell out $45.00 right now) so I decided to give the Revlon line a try.

Revlon Nearly Naked Foundation (Ivory)
Revlon's Nearly Naked Foundation comes in 16 shades. I wear the shade Ivory. There seemed to be quite a selection of colors for people with fair to medium skin tones, but I'm not sure how easy a time anyone with darker skin would have trying to find a match.

The packaging of this foundation was okay. The bottle is made of glass and featured a pour-out style top. My only complaint is that there was no pump. Pouring out foundation can get very messy, and a pump would have made it 10 times better. I have seen better packaging from Revlon before, but crappy packaging won't keep me from using it.

The foundation itself is very lovely. It is a more watery foundation which took some getting use to when working with it. The finish is very natural, and I honestly cannot see it when it is on my face which is a good thing. I have extremely oily skin so the fact that this foundation held up all day long is a great thing! Also, the fact that it has SPF 20 in it doesn't hurt either! Overall, I really like this foundation and am interested to see if I stick with this or go back to my Chanel.
Revlon Nearly Naked Powder (Fair)
Now, on to the powder. There was even more hype surrounding the Nearly Naked Powder than the foundation. This setting powder is supposed to accompany the foundation and provide even longer staying power. I wear the shade Fair, and really love how well this matches my skin tone. It gives my skin a silky finish that keeps my oils at bay for most of the day. My only complaint with the powder is the packaging. The case that the powder comes in is so freaking bulky! It's like this small circle of powder is surrounded by so much pointless plastic. If the compact was smaller than this powder would be perfect.

The Nearly Naked collection did not disappoint in my opinion. I have been using the foundation and powder for the past 3 weeks, and have loved the results I've been getting. Good job Revlon!



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